Winter poses many challenges to our year long quest for healthy, glowing skin. Dry, cold air, gusty winds and dry heat in our homes and at work seem to suck the moisture from everywhere on our bodies and faces. If you are among the 20% of the population that suffers with chronically dry skin regardless of climate or among those who over exfoliate through their skin care products or treatment room peels, winter weather can be the final blow making your skin feel dry, itchy, red, cracked and sensitive to anything placed on it. Worst of all, lines seem enhanced, make-up looks less than great and that image staring back at you from the mirror looks years older.

The problem is TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and a compromised lipid barrier.


The Solution:

  • Go over your skin care regimen and facial room protocols with your aesthetician, making necessary adjustments.
  • Hydrate internally: Increase your daily consumption of water and increase your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Consider a humidifier for your bedroom.
  • Have on hand an Rx of topical products that will heal and help maintain a healthy lipid barrier.

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