Fall Trends: Opportunity or Crisis

As the leaves begin to turn colors and fall from the trees, and as some mornings now arrive with a definite chill, many of us start to think about changing our clothing closets and altering our make-up colors for the coming fall/winter season. And, if you’re like me, you might be wondering what trends will be visible for the coming season.

No matter where I look, or how hard I try, frankly, I see no real trends being handed down by the fashion gurus on high. What I see gracing most fashion magazines and runways are models in outfits that don’t seem to work well together or look particularly good on these lovely women. To finish off these looks, their make-up often looks like a 2 year old was hired as the make-up artist on the shoot! In many instances creativity and innovation are being replaced by befuddled and bizarre!

What are we to do?!! Frankly, I see this turn of events as a major opportunity for all of us. No time like the present to get in touch with what makes us unique and special and to present ourselves to the world in a way that highlights and expresses that uniqueness.

Because fashion designers have not settled on any specific look, they have provided the clothing market with all kinds of different silhouettes: long skirts-short skirts-straight to a-line: pants – calf hugging – full – to bell-bottom – high waisted to hipster: Short jackets to long jackets – fitted to flyaway: sweaters ranging from cropped to tunic – skimming to hugging the body.

As always, neutral colors in clothing abound, but there are also pops of vibrant fun color everywhere.

In make-up this season, there too, is a great variety of options available. One could choose a barely there – active – no frills look to a smokey, sultry or dramatic look and everything in between.

My suggestion: Use the fashion void this season to get in touch with your own personal style.

Fun Fact: I spent much of my career in image consulting. In addition to skin care services, I also offer wardrobe and make-up consultations at Fitting Image. Call or ask me when you are in next for more information.

  • Understand the shape and proportions of your body (short or long waisted – apple or pear shaped). This understanding will guide you to your best clothing silhouettes.
  • Know what types of clothes fit your lifestyle and the ratio of clothes you need. For example, a fitness instructor would need the majority of outfits in her closet to be workout related, whereas, someone working in the corporate world (not at home) would most likely require professional looking dresses, suits, etc. to be the mainstay of her wardrobe.
  • Know what’s in your closet already! Go through your closet and get rid of items that you should not or do not choose to wear any longer.
  • Know what items are missing to make what you already own offer you more options or look more updated.
  • Always shop with a list. This list will keep you focused and less likely to make impulse buys. (Of course, I’ve never been one to turn my back on that must have unexpected item!)
  • Know the power of accessories! These are the items that will set your look apart. It could be an unusual shoe or boot; a fabulous scarf, necklace, pin or earrings; an interesting use of color/texture/patterns with regard to putting outfits together.
  • Be open to new suggestions but trust your own judgement.

  • Know your skin undertone. This information will make you more effective when choosing color.
  • Know how much time you wish to devote to application and how well you apply make-up.
  • Know what make-up look appeals to you.
  • Stretch your make-up budget further and give yourself more options by buying two lipsticks and two lip pencils with each look selection. If done wisely, this will give you multiple looks quite cost effectively.
  • Be open to new suggestions, but trust your own judgement.

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