Fitting Image Feb. 2017 Newsletter

It’s mid-winter and a perfect time to get it all off — dry, dehydrated, flaky body skin that is. The goal is to exfoliate to get rid of the outer layers of dead skin cells resulting in glowing, beautiful skin and skin barrier restoration.

However, it is important to keep in mind that over exfoliating, whether by scrubbing too hard or using overly harsh and inappropriately formulated chemicals, result in the opposite of the goal; irritated skin with a compromised barrier that can be left permanently damaged and scarred.

In this month’s newsletter we will focus on MANUAL EXFOLIATION that you can do at home.

You can exfoliate the body using a brush, a loofah or even a simple washcloth.  Loofahs, washcloths and body brushes can be used in the shower with a body cleanser.  One spa method that can be done both in the salon and at home is DRY BRUSHING. This is a vigorous form of manual exfoliation that helps loosen dead skin cells on the body, while it feels stimulating and invigorating as well as detoxifying.  Use a dry body brush that has a wooden handle and is comprised of all natural boar bristles. This fiber is softer on the skin, and it can be cleaned and maintained between treatments.  Just be sure to keep the wooden handle dry.  When you perform a dry brushing, be sure to use a light pressure.  If skin becomes the least bit red or irritated, the treatment is too aggressive.


Step 1. When dry brushing the body, start at the feet and move upwards, toward the heart.

Step 2. Stop at the breast area and dry brush arms, again in a soft, gently circular motion going upwards toward the shoulders.

Step 3. To exfoliate the delicate decollettage and neck, use a smaller face brush, being sure not to be aggressive.

Step 4. It’s always great to follow a dry brushing with a shower or bath to wash away the loosened material.

Step 5. Follow with a hydrating body oil and body lotion, and skin will feel soft and smooth.

**Dry brushing legs is a great pre-wax treatment to prevent ingrown hairs.  Don’t dry brush areas that were shaved that day, exhibit a sunburn or have been chemically exfoliated recently.

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