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August 2016 Newsletter

Most people now know they must protect themselves against UV radiation to prevent premature aging and skin cancer, but a new environmental threat has gained a foothold in skin care -- POLLUTION.

Facial skin exposed to pollution --suffocated by exhaust fumes, industrial smoke, tobacco or air conditioning and ozone--looks dull, weakened, dehydrated and prematurely aged or sensitized. Exposure to pollution triggers oxidative stress, which results in protein and DNA damage and lipid peroxidation.

The skin industry is working to gain a deeper understanding of pollution and its effects on skin. New studies released at the World Congress of Dermatology showed how pollution can accelerate visible signs of aging, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. LaRoche Posay shared information regarding pollution and skin health. The company highlighted two studies, in Germany and China, which showed an increase in cheek pigment spots due to particulate matter from soot and traffic exhaust. And over a five year period, ozone was strongly linked to wrinkle formation, due to anti-oxidant and collagen depletion.

To counter this problem, we need skin care products with anti-pollution ingredients that target both the external effects of pollution on the skin, and also re-energize and boost the skin on the inside.

Enter OSMOSIS SKINCARE with its two-pronged approach to protecting skin from the aging effects of pollution, protecting and healing inside and out.



Environmental Protection Harmonized H20 water is frequency enhanced water for health. These waters are non-toxic, effective for all ages and improve health at a cellular level.

  • Harmonizes toxins
  • Harmonizes sensitivity to allergens
  • Harmonizes immune activity


Rescue: Epidermal repair serum. This epidermal repair serum contains a revolutionary, patented, new ingredient that combines modern technology and an ancient oriental medicinal herb. Trioxolane, a specialized extract of sweet wormwood, has a remarkable ability to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, minimize the appearance of pores and age spots, and dramatically improve skin texture.


The demand for anti-pollution products will most likely continue to grow with new research into anti-pollution plants and anti-pollution complexes.

But you can begin today to protect your overall body health and skin health with consistent usage of Osmosis Environmental Protection Harmonized Water and Rescue topical serum.

When it comes to getting and staying fit, we all start out with the best intentions--but remaining motivated can be the biggest challenge. Fortunately, medical science keeps discovering new reasons to stick to an exercise regimen. One of the most recent findings comes from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where researchers have established a positive link between high muscle mass/low fat mass body compositions and lower mortality risk among cardiovascular disease patients.


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